The Security industry is pressured to have a well-trained manpower to respond to security threats and maintain peace and order. The industry also needs to adopt a technologically advanced system to address issues on decreasing manpower size and increasing staff cost. QuickHR deals with these issues head-on. We provide the best cloud-based technology customized to the security sector.

Law and order are essential. Even if Singapore is relatively one of the safest countries, a strong and well-trained security workforce is needed. Unfortunately, the number of security workforce is decreasing. Despite this concern, the industry still needs to carefully select security personnel. Strict requirements must be met and regular training sessions for skills development have to be completed.

QuickHR is the best partner to meet this requirement. Over the years, we have expertly automated the entire industry process – hiring, recruitment, onboarding, training and much more. We are in line with the goal of advancing the security sector through technological innovation.


As the security sector is strict in finding the right candidates to do the job, QuickHR simplifies the process through our sophisticated security management software. The security management software automates hiring requirements, assessment tracking, onboarding process, training completion and much more.


Security personnel’s training and skills development are customized according to the industry’s specification. Progression and completion of required sessions are efficiently monitored and tracked. Even better, all information is available online for easy and convenient access.


QuickHR’s security management software accurately records overtime, rates, and the number of hours worked. All these are done via the web or through the QuickHR app. No detail is spared and all information is captured. This way, members of the industry are guaranteed to receive accurate and indisputable wages.