QuickHR – QuickBooks

A revolutionary integration that syncs your payroll and general ledger seamlessly.

Accurate Mapping

Map your payroll entries onto your general ledger with zero error.

Time Saving

Reduce all administrative tasks and automate them with a few mouse clicks.

Sync Employees

Enjoy an error-free bank reconciliation with your employee database on QuickHR mirrored on QuickBooks.

Flexible Scalability

No matter your company size, QuickHR is sure to support you with our SaaS subscription model and intuitive user-interface.

Say Goodbye to Manual Transactions

With QuickBooks, QuickHR users can access their Chart of Accounts and link their journal entries instantly

Navigate to Partner Integration and click QuickBooks

Mirror Your General Ledger in One Click

Say goodbye to [ctrl c] + [ctrl v] and enjoy a seamless transfer of data in real time. Sit back and relax while the system push the updates in your Chart of Accounts to your general ledger for you

QuickHR – QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an award-winning accounting software designed to help businesses work more efficiently.

  • A cloud-based solution that allows you access across all operating systems and devices.
  • Detailed bank statements that are imported and categorized in real-time .
  • Manage your invoices, bills, tax and generate reports.