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The past few years saw a series of charges filed against employers who were found receiving kickbacks and engaging in illegal labour importations.

Just late last month, a director from Aik Heng Contracts and Services was charged by MOM with the illegal importation of labour and the collection of kickbacks, facing a total of 42 charges. Investigations showed that she received a kickback amount of up to $156,000 from 19 foreign workers.

Another case in the construction scene also saw a director from Yuan Chun Contractor facing 21 charges for collecting kickbacks from his six employees. The alleged kickbacks amount up to $3,650.

Reaching out to foreign workers digitally

In this digital age, mobile apps has slowly become a direct channel to how we take in information. In order to see if reaching out digitally to our foreign workers works, MOM conducted a survey to find out more about their media consumption habits. The results eventually led to their call for partners to dedicate a mobile app specifically for these workers.

Findings from a MOM survey with foreign workers shows more than 770,000 foreign workers have access to smartphones today. In line with the Foreign Employee Dormitories Act, all large dormitories are also required to provide Wi-Fi for its workers. This means that the amount of workers with internet access will only increase.

The question now is: How well do these foreign workers understand English? Well, one can only assume. Though they might be tech-savvy, language might seem to be one of the primary concern here. Thus, to overcome that ‘issue’, the ultimate app should be one with no language dependency.

With an aim to simplify work processes, QuickHR is dummy-proof and equipped with four languages namely English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and Tamil. With QuickHR, employees and employers from all organizational levels can customize their dashboard according to their needs.

Data Encryption on Cloud

Personal work information will be stored on a secure cloud (with encryption) that is private and confidential to the employee and his or her direct supervisors. QuickHR enables employees to perform check-ins and check-outs and help to manage and oversee their attendance records and salary information, ensuring transparency as it will be visible on both personal and employer’s portal.

How this would be useful to our foreign workers would be the fact that they will be able to check and keep track of their personal work details, some of which could possibly include their employment date, work pass expiration and the list goes on.

MOM-approved, QuickHR allows users to work anytime and anywhere with cloud. To find out more about QuickHR and how it can revolutionize your HR processes, drop us a message at or give any of our experts a call at 69088158.


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