Reports with Data Analytics

Complete overview of company HR statistics

Reports are important in helping businesses make critical decisions. In the past, reports only showed numbers. Today, it can be displayed in a visually compelling method and help tell the story for each department and employee.
With QuickHR eReports, your company can now enjoy detailed reports and find out the detailed happenings of each department and employee. Choose how you want to see your information- graphs, pie charts, bar charts or simply export it as Excel sheet!
Uploading your employees and business’ CPF and IR8A report is no longer a hassle! With QuickHR eReports module, it is now a one-click process. Simply select your preferred year and month and the data will be displayed on your screen immediately. Choose to download in Excel or Txt file format!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add/edit your employees information. HR Managers (admins) are only required to fill this up once and the information will be added into the company’s employee database.

Reduce HR administrative work. Automate your work process.
Transform your HR department today.