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"Speak Your Voice!" Employees Turn Productive Through Open Communication

Posted on 12 Nov 2018 in Business by QuickHR with 0 Comments

What does it take for employees to be happy and productive?

Such question is probably the most asked by employers. With Employee Relations programs; learning and development succession plans; bonuses; rewards and recognition; high turnover rate still remains an issue.

According to The Straits Times, a study has proven that getting employees to speak up significantly contributes to productivity

It further explained that the more employees feel comfortable at their workplaces, their chances of being productive gets higher. Even more interesting, employees favor interpersonal relationships more than remuneration.

Open communication starts an encouraging chain reaction. Employees feel valued and appreciated when their voices are heard. Producing the best results become innate as it is their way to give back. The company then benefits from overall improved operations and revenue by empowering the workforce.

Speak up! Your voice needs to be heard

Giving employees the avenue to speak up also paves the way to fresh new ideas. Ideas should not be limited only to the “higher-ups.” It should not be restricted to managers and supervisors. Who knows, the most groundbreaking and innovative idea may even come from an ignored entry-level staff. There should be no discrimination by designation.

Communication is a two-way street. As employees are encouraged to openly communicate, the Management is required to do the same. Company plans; corporate standing; mission and vision; updates (whether good or bad) and much more have to be imparted to the rest of the workforce.

The employees need to know so they are not working blind. They operate on core values instilled by the Management through regular town hall meetings, message boards, and company sponsored events. Essentially, they are given direction towards the path to corporate success.

When both the employees and employers possess a symbiotic relationship, all other tasks become more manageable. It still will not be a walk in the park nor will it be sunshine and butterflies. This is not a case of instantaneous and overnight success. Perfection will never happen but at least things get easier.

Sorry, but I’m a tad bit too shy…

As open communication’s importance is already highlighted, some employees may not be comfortable revealing their identities. They certainly have a voice but they don’t want a face attached to it. In short, they yearn to remain anonymous.

Anonymity is definitely not a problem. Some companies have a suggestion box which they regularly check. Others have gone more hi-tech for an online message board or feedback form. Both get the message across anonymously, however, the latter is faster and more convenient.

Partner with Singapore’s provider of the best cloud-based feedback form

This is where QuickHR comes in. We provide the platform for seamless anonymous interaction between employees and employers. Our online feedback form uses the latest cloud technology to cater to the growing demands of the workforce.

Leaving comments and suggestions can be done anytime, anywhere. Even better, employers are notified about it real-time too. This way, comments, suggestions, and other issues are handled faster and more efficiently.

To further showcase what we can do, we are happy to provide you with a NO OBLIGATION DEMO and/or FREE 7-DAY TRIAL ACCOUNT. This is to let you know that we certainly can "walk the walk and talk the talk."


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