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Employee Feedback

Employee's voices can NOW be heard; Employee Feedback Portal involves the entire workforce in business improvement

Posted on 12 Nov 2018 in Business by QuickHR with 0 Comments

All companies are unique in many forms – management style; compensation and benefits; rules and regulations; and much more. Because of these differences, employees’ 100 percent satisfaction with the company is NOT guaranteed. Regardless of strong Employee Relations/Engagement Programs in place, employee discontentment in varying forms is still expected to surface.

As there is no perfect company, the HR Department balances this predicament through the use of an Employee Feedback Portal. Employees’ thoughts about their employment matter a lot. Employees are considered the unsung heroes of any company so their voices need to be heard and seriously taken into consideration. The portal is a good avenue to report/impart employee issues, grievances, feedback, suggestions, and fresh ideas to Management.

Employee feedback- vital in company’s overall decision making process

Through the Employee Feedback Portal, the Management is made aware of its workforce’s current state. The portal houses vital information and details to further assist them in implementing better employee development plans, more attractive incentives and bonuses, instill management flexibility and even change some what-could-be-defunct and inapplicable policies.

The Employee Feedback Portal doesn’t cultivate spoiled employees. In fact, it gives the members of the Management a different perspective on business aspects – something that may not even be thought about amongst them. More often than not, great ideas stem from that of its members. The Employee Feedback Portal makes that possible.

Employee Feedback Portal

QuickHR, Singapore’s best Employee Feedback Portal

QuickHR has been providing a state-of-the-art and award-winning Feedback Portal since 2013. We have provided outstanding and exemplary service to many satisfied customers across various industries namely Business Services, F&B, Logistics, Retail and many more.

Our cloud-based HR solutions software makes the Employee Feedback Portal easy to use. Its instructions and functionalities are conveniently presented so as not to waste time and immediately get on with business. Even better, all employee entries are treated with anonymity which makes the entire process democratic.

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