"Divers" In The Cleaning Industry
Cleaning Industry

TCC's Latest Ruling Prevents The Existence Of "Divers" In The Cleaning Industry

Posted on 20 Nov 2018 in Business by QuickHR with 0 Comments

Cleaners are soon to enjoy secured pay and more benefits based on the Tripartite Cluster of Cleaners (TCC). As such, cleaning companies need to make necessary adjustments to accommodate the changes come 2020.

The TCC is keen on safeguarding the pay and other benefits of cleaners. The new ruling is brought about by widespread and rampant fee-diving experienced by many cleaners.

As companies opt to choose another service provider, some resort to a deep plunge in their contract prices in order to be chosen. As a result, cleaners’ wages are adversely affected, often resetting it to the starting PWM level regardless of experience and years in service.

According to the Straits Times’ report, Mr. Simon Lee, managing director of Sun City Maintenance shares the same insight that “divers” have been going on in some cleaning companies and remain common in the industry. He continued by saying that there are a lot of divers in the industry and they don’t often last long.

Part of TCC’s directive states that existing workers who join a new service provider retain their previous employment terms and benefits. This also goes along with an annual bonus of at least two week’s pay beginning Jan 1, 2020.

Cleaners require due protection as well

This latest TCC ruling has good implications particularly, for the cleaning industry. Part of the action is to ensure that cleaners are given what is due, that they work commensurate to their level of expertise, contribution, and tenure. Cleaners are no longer forced to accept any jobs for the sake of accepting it, even if it means going back to an entry level PWM.

Cleaners are an important component in sanitation. They are tasked to do what many would consider too gross or too “dirty.” Cleaners literally get their hands dirty to keep everyone’s hands clean. Such a task is daunting but the job must be done. That said, the whole community owes a lot to these people.

With TCC’s vigilance in addressing any mistreatment to cleaners, this latest development immediately addresses any impending concerns. Companies/service buyers take action by ensuring that they adopt an outcome-based contracting and not on cleaner headcount. Cleaning companies are jolted to push for better services, and not on how low their offer is to be awarded any contracts. It keeps everything fair and square.

Cleaning companies should be ready for the changes

With over a year of preparation before 2020, cleaning companies must start getting ready for the changes. Such timeframe is enough to revamp its processes to accommodate necessary adjustments. As expected, the changes entail a great deal of monitoring, updating and recording.

Manually performing these tasks may work, however, it will involve a lot of time. Worse, documentation and reporting processes are prone to human error. Missed details or lost files may mean inaccurate wages or inconsistent records. Obviously, these errors are unacceptable and intolerable.

Cleaning companies should see the value of investing in technology to make the entire process easier and more efficient. Fortunately, an advanced way of completing all these tasks is available. Cleaning companies may take advantage of a cloud-based HR system.

A cloud-based system enables all users to individually perform tasks by simply going online. It significantly reduces manual work, considered counterproductive and inefficient. With such technology, HR practitioners are in full control of every detail required by the TCC.

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