7 Ways to Find The Best HR Solution in Singapore: Part 1

7 Ways to Find The Best HR Solution in Singapore: Part 1

If you are in one of those companies whose HR department seem to be stuck in the nineteeth century, it’s time to hop on the digital bandwagon- Adopting a HR payroll software is a good start. However, you must be wondering: What is the best HR solution in Singapore? In this article, we bring to you a guide to find the best HR solution for your company.

Thanks to digital disruption, our lives just got better. We can now re-watch our favourite TV shows while on the go, have live chats with our loved ones who are halfway across the world and most importantly, we can now enjoy better work efficiency with the help of technology.

The Human Resource (HR) industry is one that has been revolutionized over the last couple of years. Even as we are speaking, tests and researches continue on with a goal to simplify work processes- less human work, more machine learning.

If you are one of those companies with a HR department stuck in the nineteenth century and would love to hop on the digital bandwagon, adopting a HR management payroll software is a good start.

HR is probably one of the busiest departments in ANY company with routines including endless administrative work such as as processing claims, leaves, payroll, keying in of data and the list goes on. What if I tell you that all these can now be replaced when you adopt a HR software? It will definitely save you heaps of time and allow your staff to focus on more important things such as building a company culture, developing talents and more.

At this juncture, you may be thinking: I’ve heard about how great HR management tools are! But there are so many payroll software in the world! How do I know which one is the best for my company?

Fret not. There are several key factors when it comes to choosing a HR payroll software. You do not have to be a HR expert to do it. Follow me onto my next post to find out what the essential key factors are!

About QuickHR

QuickHR is a cloud-based (Saas) HR payroll management system designed to simplify HR work processes. Based in Singapore, QuickHR is able to streamline all HR processes such as employee management, leave management, claims management, payroll, time sheets and generate reports for companies. It is also equipped with Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS), promising world-class data protection security. In short, QuickHR can automate all of your traditional HR processes, move it to a secure cloud and allow you ease of access across all devices and help you increase work efficiency.

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