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HR issues solved by switching to A Cloud-Based System

HR Issues Solved By Switching To A Cloud-Based HR System

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Human Resources is a very important part of any business. The department is responsible for the workforce’s entire life cycle – from hiring to resignation. As every employee goes through all the employment phases, HR must monitor and track every step.

The entire process is tedious and daunting, regardless of the company size. It involves a great deal of documentation and reporting. As such, HR practitioners are most of the time left with so much work to do in so little time.

The process of documentation, monitoring, tracking, and reporting needs to be meticulous. Business decisions are directly related to HR’s finding in terms of employee behavior and productivity from the reports generated. However, if HR processes are done manually, the data may not be as accurate as expected. Obviously, data accuracy is compromised.

To add to the complications, HR’s workload is increased and time efficiency decreased. The productive use of time is not utilized to its full potential as administrative tasks get in the way. HR practitioners are often caught eyeballs-deep with so much paper works that they are left with little time to deal with other more important concerns.

In addition, to compensate for the tons of administrative tasks, companies are also somehow forced to hire more admin people. As more people are brought in to perform mundane tasks, the company is forced to shell out more money from what’s supposed to be its income.

Given all these issues, there is still a silver lining. For any problem, there is a solution. Fortunately, it is not even remotely challenging to achieve.

What is the solution ?

Technology plays an important role in solving these HR issues. As compound and complex as it may seem, technology provides a straightforward and simplified means of organizing and streamlining the entire HR process. With this, a cloud-based HR system is the solution.

Convenience Of Access

Businesses need to have access to important reports anytime, anywhere. It saves them precious time as vital information and company details are readily available by simply logging in the system. The stress of being physically in the office to simply send a report is reduced, even eradicated.

Company action plans and other business decisions may be based on the reports easily pulled up from the cloud-based system. It can be accessed via website or most of the time, even through mobile apps. All reports are comprehensive, yet easy to understand. Such reports can also be exported to different files for individual copy distribution (if needed).

What does cloud-based HR system do ?

A cloud-based HR system gives the opportunity for HR practitioners to perform all HR functions online. HR functions such as Leave Management, Claims Management, Payroll, Timesheets, Rostering, and much more are effectively and efficiently managed and monitored by HR. All vital information is accessible by both the HR and employees anytime and anywhere by simply logging in the system.

Having all the functions in an easy-to-use system slashes administrative work to even more than half. Given this, HR enjoys more productive use of their time as opposed to slaving all day sorting and sifting through piles of files and documents.

Through the cloud-based system, HR can switch its focus to innovate, improve and further develop its processes for the betterment of the entire workforce. HR also becomes a reliable source of vital company data as reports generated are free from flaws and other human-related errors and mistakes.

What does cloud-based HR system do

Which is the best cloud-based HR solutions provider to choose?

QuickHR is proud to be Singapore’s leading Cloud-based HR Solution. Even better, our company aims to provide our most technologically advanced solution in a user-friendly, cost-efficient and lightning-speed way.

Our cloud-based HR solutions system can be done with just three clicks – Generate, Preview and Submit. It comes equipped with CPF calculator and auto SDL deductions. Everything is designed to make HR operations hassle-free and easy.

All these functions are strategically laid out for easy navigation. This enables any user to easily explore all functions without taking too much time spent on learning. Even the most basic of users adjust easily and become expert users in no time.

Its vibrant web design also completes the entire user experience. The use of colors, animations, and text are geared encourages playfulness and positivity. All these factors subliminally make any user stay longer and explore more.

Cost efficiency, Convenience and Improved Accuracy are achieved, no questions asked. Please visit out website at QuickHR or call us at sales@quickhr.cofor more details.


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