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Singapore was found to be the country launching the most cyberattacks globally, according to a report from Check Point Software Technologies, an Israeli data security firm.

Singapore overtook top attacking nations such as Russia, China and the United States. It rose to pole position after ranking among the top five attacking countries.

Eying Wee, Check Point’s Asia-Pacific spokeswoman told Bloomberg that it is not unusual for Singapore to be among the top attacking countries as it is a key Southeast Asian technology hub with heavy internet traffic flow.

A spokesman for The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore said that Singapore is a commercial hub with high interconnectivity, making it an attractive target for cybercriminals. He also added that it is important for Singapore to maintain high cybersecurity standards and take necessary measures to protect its systems and data.

Strengthening Cyber Defence in Singapore

Earlier this year, Singapore introduced Defence Cyber Organisation (DCO), a new cyber command that would shore up its cyber-security capabilities. It would be a new vocation under the Singapore Armed Forces where selected soldiers will be deployed from August.

In May, the Singapore government also stopped most of its public servants from accessing the internet from their work computers to tighten its cybersecurity networks.